Introducing Cloud Accounting by Treezsoft

With cloud accounting, Manage your company accounting anywhere, makes your operation more streamline

From invoicing to financial report, this software help your financial operation of you business so you can focus and providing best product and service for your customer. Besides, you can monitor your business financial status anywhere using any of your devices.

Cloud accounting is the future! But, handle your finance the same way just record it at remote server for safe keeping so you can access it anytime. You would not need to install, maintain software on multiple device like before because it will be handled as service. It will be easier to get real-time reporting and visibility throughout your  organization. However, you may need to pay for subscription but never need to do any maintenance  as this is software as service.

RM120 per month only!

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Easy Access

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Transparency for Trust

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Convenient for everyone

Cloud Accounting Benefits

  • No upfront payment required
  • No Initial risk involved
  • Automated updated to the latest version of the software
  • Easy customization to meet industry requirements
  • Higher frequency for updates
  • No maintenance are required, and data are backed up automatically

Additional Options

Treezsoft API

Integrate to various system to suit your business needs!

Progress Invoicing

Suitable for long jobs, contractors and architectural firm.

Multiple POS with terminals

Options too add POS at your stock/sales location which are integrated into Treezsoft Accounting

Accounting Service

Make your management more streamlined by having us to handle the complicated accounting/bookkeeping operation in Treezsoft. However, you can monitor everything anywhere anytime.