Company Secretary

Under Companies Act, a Sdn. Bhd. or a Company required to appoint at least 1 Company Secretary.

YES, you can appoint us as your company secretary, on behalf of you, we are capable of handling compliance works for SSM requirements. So, Directors focus on their daily company operation free from worry.

What’s a Company Secretary Duty?

  • Updating statutory information and submitting to SSM
  • Maintaining and safe keeping of  the Statutory Documents
  • Safe keeping of Company’s Common Seal
  • Oversees important company document and document certifying. E.g. Banking documents
  • Advising the Board of Director on the date for holding Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Submission of Annual Return to SSM
  • Present at the Registered Office by himself or a representative during office hour
  • Receiving Notice of the Company
  • Issuing Notice for Board of Director Meeting, General Meeting and preparing Minutes and Resolutions

Are your existing Company Secretary does not provide proper advice to you? You may appoint us as your Company Secretary! Contact us for more info.

Looking for a Company Secretary?